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1962 Rogard _ Bobby Fischer
1963 Bobby Fischer  New-York
1963 Bobby Fischer Feuille de partie -2
1963 Bobby Fischer seated ponders his next move as challenger Samuel Rechevsky paces during the U.S. Championship in this  file photo in New York
1963 Bobby Fischer vs Miguel Najdorf
  1963 Fischer Talks Chess was the title of a column which began in the June  Chess Life.jpg  
1964 At Coney Island Mydans photographed Fischer as he tried his hand at pinball
1964 Bobby Fischer 145
1964 Bobby Fischer A legend to the Road 1964 Simul Tour
1964 Bobby Fischer gateau pour son 6e titre de champion US
1964 Bobby Fischer is looking at the January  issue of the Russian chess magazine Shakhmatny Bulletin _ Simultaneous Exhibition at Chess 04-APR-

"Fischer Talks Chess" was the title of a column which began in the June Chess Life 1963. As noted on page 166 of A Chess Omnibus, some of the material was subsequently used, in revised form, in My 60 Memorable Games. On pages 302-303 of the December 1963 issue Fischer wrote up his win over Bisguier at that year’s New York State Open Championship (game 45 in the book). Thus his famous remark about 1 e4 (‘Best by test’) appeared in print in 1963.
(Edward Winter in his Chess Notes Archive)
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